Centrum koncertowe A2

Celebration of Queen. Marc Martel

GDZIEGóralska 5, Wrocław
Marc Martel
The Show Must Go On – bequeathed to us by the great Freddie Mercury. And his show really continues in the mouth of the stunning vocal double of Mark Martel. Just one night – do not miss the fantastic concert, which will resurrect the genius of Freddie Mercury.
Mark Martel returned music lovers’ favorite music. Thanks to his talent, we can enjoy the hits of British rock legends live. After the death of Freddie Mercury, this seemed impossible. But Mark managed to breathe life into cult songs. Not only Queen fans, but also members of the star team agree with this! Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor admire Canadian vocals. They appointed Mark the soloist of the official tribute project The Queen Extravaganza.
The artist made possible the release of the highest-grossing music biopic about Freddie Mercury. In the film, in addition to archival recordings of the late frontman, the voice of Mark Martel is heard. The film’s producer Graham King admitted that the film simply would not have happened without Mark. Mark Martel is a unique phenomenon, he really not only sings like Freddie, capturing his manner of behavior, vocal intonations, he also looks like a soloist Queen. It is not for nothing that critics call Martel a „reincarnation” of Mercury. And the famous Quinn drummer Roger Taylor blessed Mark for the film „Bohemian Rhapsody”, where his voice is sung by actor Rama Malok.
In 2011, Martel took part in the Queen Extravaganza competition. He performed a fragment of the song „Somebody To Love”, and that was enough to drive the listeners and legendary musicians Queen crazy. The video garnered 9,000,000 views.

A2 – Centrum Koncertowe – JULY, 4

Come to the Show Out of Time to hear the cult songs of British rock stars. Mark Martel will perform in Freddie Mercury’s voice iconic hits such as: Somebody to Love, Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Ga Ga and, of course, The Show Must Go On. Come and be a part of the Official and undoubtedly the best tribute show Queen in the world.
with the participation of the best musicians of Ukraine.